The ultra low profile MX8 and MX10 stage monitors feature stylish looks and excellent performance capabilities.  Using Community’s proprietary coaxial drivers and DYNA-TECH™ driver protection system, these compact systems provide professional performance at affordable prices.  Conical waveguides eliminate the transition anomalies that occur in most square and rectangular horns, resulting in exceptionally smooth phase and frequency response curves.  Their coaxial design means that all of the sound emanates from the same point source.  These innovations reduce feedback, improve intelligibility, and provide uniform coverage exactly where it’s needed.

Both the MX8 and MX10 are available in black or white paint finishes.  Optional yoke mounting brackets for flush mounting the MX8 and MX10 monitors against a wall or ceiling are also available from Community.


  • MX8-B                 8-inch coaxial stage monitor, black finish
  • MX8-W                 8-inch coaxial stage monitor, white finish
  • MX10-B                10-inch coaxial stage monitor, black finish
  • MX10-W              10-inch coaxial stage monitor, white finish
  • MX-Y8B               Wall/ceiling mounting yoke for MX8-B
  • MX-Y8W              Wall/ceiling mounting yoke for MX8-W
  • MX-Y10B             Wall/ceiling mounting yoke for MX10-B
  • MX-Y10W           Wall/ceiling mounting yoke for MX10-W


Limited stock quantities of the MX8 and MX10 monitors are available for sale now.  Additional supply will be available in August.  Please contact Spoiled by Technology for lead time.