About SBT

Spoiled By Technology is a results driven team of audio/visual professionals with over 50 years of collective experience within these industries. The experience of our team covers a wide range of disciplines - from the retail environment to live sound engineering; experience from the manufacturing perspective as national and regional sales managers; experience in system design, engineering and integration; corporate IT support, design & management; recording engineering;  distributor expertise as importer and exporter; and training credentials.

SBT is a value added team of sales professionals. We partner with our manufacturers, dealers and contractors to provide on-site demos; training and certification clinics; assist in design implementation as requested, and help close the deal.

We hold equal strengths in customer service and administration. We firmly believe the customer service and support provided by our team is unequaled in this territory regardless of the account size.

"Knowledge is power". We strongly believe that knowledge and education are critical components to any successful sales effort. To strengthen the abilities of your sales team, SBT provides education and "hands-on" training (both internally and externally), resulting in a team of knowledgeable sales professionals better equipped to meet our mutual customers' real-world needs.

Our basic notion on how to succeed in business is listening to our customers, determining their need(s), and selecting a course of action that will allow us to best satisfy those needs. Honesty, integrity, and a strong sense of loyalty are a few of the values that impact our decisions on a daily basis (a sense of humor is mandatory).


First and foremost, demonstrating a positive and cooperative attitude with our manufacturer/distributor partners is critical - responding to all requests in a timely and appropriate manner.   Of no less importance, we will always serve the customer.

The value of open and honest communications with our customers is not taken lightly. We have established our credibility and earned the trust and respect of those within our network. Albeit, we will not rest upon our laurels, but continue to aggressively grow business for our manufacturer partners and ourselves. We realize that we work for you, and will always work in your best interest.


1995 Crown International
Rep of The Year
1995 Community Pro Loudspeakers
Rep of The Year
1996 Community Pro Loudspeakers
Rep of The Year
1997 Crown International
Quota Buster Award
1998 Sennheiser Electronics Corp USA
Rep of The Year
1999 Community Pro Loudspeakers
Outstanding Effort By A Rep Firm

Spoiled By Technology is proud & privileged to have earned the following industry awards (all in the same year):

Community Pro Loudspeakers
Rep Of The Year
2000 Genelec, Inc.
Most Large Systems Sales
Numark Industries
Rep Of The Year
QSC Audio
Rookie Of The Year
2000 Soundcraft Spirit Rep Of The Future
2001 QSC Audio Above & Beyond: Quota Buster
2004 Community Pro Loudspeakers
Quota Buster Award
2004 QSC Audio Products
Quota Buster Award
2004 Ultimate Support Systems
Outstanding Performance
2005 Audix USA
Outstanding Sales Performance
2005 HM Electronics Outstanding Sales Performance
2006 Audix USA Most Improved Territory
2006 QSC Audio Products
Quota Buster Award
2006 West Penn Wire
Outstanding Performance
2008 Community Pro Loudspeakers
Goal Buster Award

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