It's Here! The Audix Performance Series Wireless!

It's here! We are very excited to announce the release of our #Audix Performance Series Wireless, our new wireless system that's as easy as Scan, Sync, Play! If you're at The NAMM Show, come by our booth, Hall A, Booth #6390, today at 12:00 noon to hear a demo of this new series.


Cobus - *NSYNC - Pop (DRUM COVER 2015)

Want to hear how amazing your drums can sound? Check out Audix endorser Cobus Potgieter jam on this *NSYNC cover with his brand new all-Audix setup! Cobus uses D6 on kick, D4 on floor tom, Micro-D's on rack toms, i5s on snare, SCX25A's on overheads, and CX-212Bs for room mics.

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Audix - JazzFest 2015 - It's a Wrap!

The raw energy of New Orleans' Jazz & Heritage Festival would be hard to exaggerate-it's a riot of musical color, a roaring week and a half of electricity that somehow celebrates the past, the present, and the future of jazz in one multilayered celebration. The festival itself dates back to 1970, headlined by gospel great Mahalia Jackson and jazz legend Duke Ellington-today, this unique event is home to a smorgasboard of musical genres including jazz, gospel, Cajun, zydeco, blues, R&B, rock, funk, African, Latin, Caribbean, folk, and much more.
This year, the heat turned up in New Orleans-80 degrees and rising-as the Jazz and Heritage Festival got itself ready for the 460,000 people who would swarm its fairgrounds over the next week and a half. As in the past decade, Audix was on the front lines of the festival with the engineers, crew, and musicians of Jazz Fest, supplying over 400 microphones for over 5,000 musicians and 500 acts in the festival's different stages.
Here are a few highlights from Jazz Fest 2015 as seen through the eyes of Audix Co-Founder Cliff Castle. "If you have not experienced the Jazz and Heritage Festival in New Orleans, you need to put it on your bucket list!" he says. "It is unique in every way and there is no other event that I know of that offers such a wide diveristy of music in a mutli-stage format with unrivalled sound quality.

Read more on the Audix USA website HERE:

Audix DP-4 Review in Recording Magazine - May, 2015

If you read our review of Audix’s new Limited Edition D6 drum microphone in our January 2015 issue, you will know that Audix is celebrating 30 years in the microphone business this year.  Over the past three decades the Wilsonville, OR-based company has brought to market quite a few microphones that are now considered modern studio staples the world over.

Audix also has a long history of putting together well-thought-out drum mic packages. This month, for our instrument
miking issue, we are taking a look at a handy little collection that happens to be made up entirely of the company’s two
most famous models: the i5 and the D6.

Since we gave our readers a fresh look at the D6 in the January issue, we will focus a bit more on the i5 and the package as a whole. While both mics have other signature uses, most notably on guitar and bass amps, I’m focusing this review on drum
applications, with some tips on how to maximize the utility of these handy mics.

Download the PDF HERE:

HSA Rolltops - Newly Re-Designed Stainless Steel Option

For Immediate Release
Old Pricing Until January 1st 2015!
Mishawaka, IN USA October 2014

A newly redesigned Stainless Steel Rolltop Tambour option was announced by HSA “the Rolltop People” and is immediately available at the original option’s 2014 pricing until January 1st 2015.

This upgrade to HSA’s original stainless steel rolltop includes 33% thicker desk sidewalls, a heavier front or lead tambour and Institutional Grade re-keyable core lock systems. HSA re-engineered this option after working with several consultants and architects to meet the requirements of larger venues for more security, ease of maintenance and durability.

The company is also offering both the Institutional Lock System and the Extra Thick Sidewalls as separately available options giving designers, dealers and end-users more choices in their HSA product’s configuration.

HSA states that focusing on product engineering and refinement keeps their Rolltop Desk, Rack and Lectern line competitive, innovative and profitable for their dealers.

HSA, Inc
1717 E. Sixth Street
Mishawaka, IN 46544 USA
Contact: Richard Johnson
(574) 255-6100

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Lowell Manufacturing Company!

For the past 67 years Lowell has been manufacturing quality products for the professional AV market.

From boardrooms and multimedia areas to sports arenas and houses of worship, Lowell designs and builds quality rack, power, and audio products that work behind the scenes to provide seamless systems integration and exceptional performance. Racks & Enclosures; Power & Surge Protection; Speakers & Accessories.

Give us a call, or send inquiries to

Audix MicroBoom M1280S Demo

An excerpt from a video produced by Midtown Video featuring the MicroBoom with M1280S  shotgun capsule.   It is not only informative but very impressive when they switch from the lavaliere mic to the M1280S.    

Thanks to Lofty (our favorite Brit!) for acquiring this edited clip!

Audix News - Scurdia - A World Class, World-Wide Music Ensemble

How many artists of diverse nationality, musical styles and Audix microphones can you fit onto one stage? International music group Scurdia is committed to answering this question!

Scurdia was formed by Austrian piano virtuoso Markus Schirmer with his artistic alter ego - oriental Oud Master Risgar Koshnaw, Scurdia is an eclectic group of musicians from Austria, Armenia, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, USA, and Venezuela who together skillfully and artfully blend diverse world music styles into an eclectic, hectic and wonderfully entertaining musical mélange. Schirmer describes their sound as "A blend of middle eastern folk, jazz, soul, funk, ethnic, Austro and of course, classical music"!

In a live concert series recorded earlier this year at the Opera House in Gras, Austria, Audix mics were used extensively for vocals and for miking a myriad of instruments including percussion, tuba, accordion, strings, reeds and woodwinds.

D Series dynamic mics were used liberally for percussion and Leslie (Hammond B3). The CX112 condenser mics added top-end coverage throughout the performance. The ADX60 Boundary mic was used on cajon and percussion box, while a clip-on ADX20i covered the tuba.